lunes, enero 20, 2014

Traveling and Taking a Bullet for Someone.

Traveling is scary when your health is unpredictable. Someone can tell you a million times that they won't over-react or freak out if you suddenly fall ill, but they can't really know that until they're in that situation. Imagine that a friend you don't know very well asks you to go with them to a notoriously dangerous part of town. They repeatedly tell you that you'll be safe, that they'll take a bullet for you if any gunfire should occur. Are you going to go? What if your friend assures you that they've taken bullets for other people? Would that put your mind at ease?

In traveling, Mr. M has repeatedly taken a bullet for me; that is to say, he's always taken care of me when we've traveled, and he's never freaked out when I've had a sudden bout of sickness. As a result, I feel safe and comfortable going anywhere with him. In contrast, it is hard to entrust myself, my safety and comfort to friends who just tell me that they'll take care of me and won't freak out on me. In the bullet analogy, they've never even seen a bullet . . . heck, they've never even gone to the dangerous neighborhood before! This is why there are a precious few people with whom I am willing to do any overnight trips. It all boils down to trust.

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