sábado, enero 18, 2014

Shaniqua Don't Live Here No Mo'

This has been a roller coaster of a week, so I was so happy when Persnicketta called and asked if I wanted to go for a walk. As always, her call was a real Godsend, as was everything this week except for maybe the jury duty summons, which seems more like a Satansend, in my opinion. After our walk, Mr. M and I went for a drive and ended up at Costco, where he wanted to look at a grill. While he was shopping, I found a book and found a nice suede couch to sit on. I thought my idea of having a little library was original, but there was a teenage girl reading on the couch next to mine. After Mr. M finished his shopping, he came to the Costco library (A.K.A the home furnishing section) to tell me about the amazing grill and his plans to get one. While we were discussing, Mr. and Mrs. Billiards saw us and stopped and talked for a while. Mr. Billiards used to work with Mr. M., but the Billiard family moved out of the area several years ago, so it was a real treat to see them. We eventually left Costco and continued driving. We were going to drive right past our friend Shaniqua's house, but as we drove by, we saw a big paper taped to the door that said "Shaniqua Don't Live Here No Mo'." So we headed for home, and we made up a new game: Mormon or J.W.? We saw a nicely dressed group of people at the intersection, and we had to guess whether it was a group of Mormons or a group of Jehovah's Witnesses. (Our guess was J.W.s.) Then we came home, which is where I am now, and the minute I am done writing this, we have to go back to Costco, because we drove the 2-seater there, and a grill doesn't fit in a 2-seater. I don't know what the future holds as far as health and being able to get out and socialize, but if I do go out (meaning I have to disappear from the social scene), at least I'll go out with a bang.

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