viernes, enero 17, 2014

To Tell You The Truth . . .

I went out with two close friends last night, and we all agreed that amazing things can happen when you stop pretending to be perfect, take off your mask, and tell the truth. For me right now, that truth is that I'm scared. I'm scared because I wonder to myself, "What if the sickness doesn't stop?" "What if I have to give up everything and become a recluse in my home?" I am well aware of God's sovereignty, and I cherish that doctrine, but I also don't like it when my back hurts, or when people stare at me. It is hard, hard, hard not to second-guess the decisions I've made about any new or increased medication I take. That said, when we confess our sins and admit our fears and weaknesses, we find that there is much comfort to be had. I don't know of anyone who has a life of uninterrupted ease, with no bumps in the road. We must be honest with each other, for that is how God will comfort us. 2 Cor. 1:3,4.

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