jueves, enero 16, 2014

Boyfriend Material, Not Husband Material

I am sitting in the sun, and I just finished a book. It is too nice outside to go inside; this is why I keep an assortment of unread books on hand. I need one just for the afternoon. I have a theology book on the way, so I don't want to get into anything I can't toss aside at a moment's notice. A book of short stories would be good. I can't commit to a memoir, theology book, novel, biography, etc. I need a book that's like a short-term boyfriend; the kind of book I can take to a party, but one I don't plan to take home to meet my parents. I need a book that has no expectations and is fine with being enjoyed and used for a short time and then put on the shelf and forgotten about until the next time I need him . . . I mean, it.

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