jueves, enero 16, 2014

Movin' On Up

Getting a DVR was a great decision! (That's a Digital Video Recorder, or something to that effect.) It's saved Mr. M and I many hours of dumb commercials. In fact, we are so spoiled by our DVR that we can't stand to watch commercials. We never touch the remote at a hotel room. It would be fair to say we hate commercials. It's kind of fun, too, since we don't know what new movies are out, or what stories are big in the news, we get to hear our friends' opinions, which is way more interesting than listening to the bias opinion of someone who just wants you to tune into their show, no matter how worthless it is, or someone who just wants you to buy their wares. A great advantage of the DVR is that you control the TV schedule; it doesn't control you. You can program in the shows you want to record and then go about your life without giving a thought to the show you want to see. You can take your time and linger over coffee with friends, and your show will be waiting for you when you get back. And if you have something to take care of at home when you get back-maybe a spouse to talk to-your show will still wait for you. You watch when you want to; not when the TV wants you to. This week, in reflecting on my viewing preferences and habits, I cancelled two stupid sitcoms in exchange for one older sitcom. It was a good trade. I'm proud of myself for choosing the better over the OK. The best is to not watch TV at all, and instead do something creative, and enjoy time with family and friends, but taking the first step of choosing something better over something that's just OK felt good.

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