viernes, enero 03, 2014

Friends and Books

I click with some people, I don't click with others; that doesn't mean they are a bad type of person, they are just not my type of person. Books are much the same. I've just finished an autobiography of someone who I think just might be the most shallow person alive. I could never be friends with this girl. That is not to say that she is a bad person; she just lives and thinks so differently than I that we just wouldn't have any common ground. Her book is already in my car, ready to be donated to Goodwill at the soonest possible opportunity. I've seen Goodwill billboards around town that say that someone will love something that we don't love. I suppose people are the same; I wouldn't click with this girl, but someone else will. 25 people follow my blog. I click with all these people. We know each other. So what does that leave? 59 billion or more internet users who don't follow my blog? That's fine. Jesus said that the angels rejoice more over 1 sinner who gets saved than over 99 righteous people who get saved. Among my resolutions for 2014 is to invest more into less . . . to give more of myself to a smaller number of people. I've had over 30 years to make friends. I want to put more effort and time and show my appreciation for those who've stuck with me for years, seen me at my best and at my worst. Many now live out of state (and some out of country.) I have in my journal a list of names, names of people whose friendship is too dear to let drift off into the unknown. I have this list not to depersonalize or make projects of my friends, but because I know that friendships don't maintain themselves. Effort must be made. My list includes, but is not limited to, such colorful friends as Shaniqua, Persnicketta, Sweetie Pie, Disco Ball and Sweet Briar.

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