domingo, enero 05, 2014

How is The Church Built?

We know that Jesus is the cornerstone of the church, the church's one foundation. Jesus ascended to Heaven, and He gave us the Holy Spirit to comfort us and to teach us, reminding us of all truth so that the church continues on. God also appointed apostles, prophets, teachers, miracle workers, healers and helpers in His Church to guarantee its continuation. (1 Cor.12:28.) There must be a domino effect. After Paul had taught Timothy much about the church and how to care for it and exemplify Christ, he urged Timothy to "entrust these things [that I have taught you] to reliable men, who will also be qualified to teach others." (2 Tim. 2:2.) Women are given similar instruction in Titus 2:3&4. There, Paul tells Titus to teach the older women to lead Godly lives so that they can then teach the younger women to lead Godly lives. This teaching is often called discipleship, for the ultimate goal of all this teaching is to follow Jesus in His holiness. This is what is to take place in The Church: older, maturer believers teaching younger believers, both in word and deed, what it looks like to follow Jesus daily-how following Jesus looks in our lives, our homes, with our families and friends. With the internet, we also have the chance to share our lives and our faith with believers across the globe. This doesn't excuse us from our responsibility to our sisters and brothers in the local church, it just gives us opportunity to do the same for believers who are not local. This is why I blog. I benefit much from believers in my church, and I also get to benefit from the lives of people from other churches. That is because our faith has the same foundation, Jesus Christ. We all do our best to live according to the same standards set forth in the Bible. We have the same goal, to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.
Summing that all up, the best way to encourage other believers and build the church is to walk through life together, striving together to please God.

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