martes, enero 14, 2014

Uncertainty is the Way of the Day.

My horrible health monster has once again reared its ugly head and is interfering with my life. After lying dormant for years, and allowing me to drive around and walk around and hang out with friends and make plans for the future and make commitments, I am forced to stay inside today and limit my activity and cancel any commitments I had made that involved going anywhere outside my house. This is scary, to say the least. I have so much more to lose now. I have made friends that I want to continue to see. If this health monster doesn't return to its former dormant state, it will be pretty hard to see my friends. Mr. M and I have loved working with the college kids, and our involvement there will be greatly affected by the path of my health. I am trying my best not to worry, and to think about what is true now, but that is no small task. One of Sunday's sermons was about the peace of God, and how that comes into and covers our lives when we think about what is noble and true and right. (Phil. 4:6-8.)


My health monster can also be seen as an infant. It is almost always easier and less stressful to stay at home with an infant, and not make any plans to go out. You, as the mother, know that going out with your baby is risky. You might go to coffee with a friend, but your baby may be fussy and require all your attention. You are to busy, uncomfortable and distracted to have any meaningful conversation with your friend. Plus, everyone's staring at you. On the other hand, everything could be fine, and your baby may sleep peacefully while you and your friend linger over your coffee, enjoying your profound and stimulating conversation. You never know; therein lies the difficulty.

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Elizabeth Johnson dijo...

Sorry to hear things are flaring up. Praying for peace and sweet rest in God's perfect providence! Also, praying that you don't feel lousy for too much longer. :)

The White Wave dijo...

Thank you so much!