miércoles, febrero 26, 2014

A Thinky Day

It is-thankfully-a gray day. I hope and pray that will mean rain for the rain-starved desert in which I dwell. I will stay inside, where I have the daunting task of waiting for a package for Mr. M that I will need to sign for. It is a super special package, essential to his work and livelihood. If I miss the package, we will have to pack up all our earthly possessions and move to Mozambique. So, I will be staying at home and spending quiet time in thought and prayer and reading. I think my thoughts will gravitate to one particular subject that has been occupying a lot of my brain-space . . . friendship. I have dear friends in other states. I don't see them too often. I also have friends in town, close to me. I see them often. I have a few friends who actually prefer to have friends in other states, and don't spend much time with friends who live nearby. This I don't understand. I think I will never understand. I know I write a lot about friendship, and I think a lot about friendship. That is because I prioritize it. Not everyone does, and, to be honest, I just think that's weird. I seems odd to me. I know people are busy, but to spend some time with a friend is a joy; a joy that, to me, is worth setting aside my to-do list, and doing laundry in the evening instead of in the morning like I planned.

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