martes, marzo 04, 2014

Interesting People: Real Life Case Studies of Acquaintances and Friends

I understand the vast majority of my friends. I get them. They get me. We click. But I have some friends that I just don't get. At all. Notice that I still consider them friends even when I don't get them. I listed some of the common traits of friends with whom I click: they care about grammar. They like to write. They appreciate irony. They like to read. They think outside the box-and outside of the rectangle. They like to hang out in groups. They like to linger over coffee sharing good conversation with just one confidante. They are laid back and easy going. They laugh easily. They ignore the rules of the game and make up their own rules. They can laugh at themselves. They laugh heartily at subtle humor in mundane situations, and they like dry humor. Did I mention I click with people who like irony? And appreciate good grammar? Who do you click with?

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