jueves, marzo 06, 2014

Fierce Loyalty and False Accusations.

Jesus left us an example to not defend ourselves before our those who falsely accuse us. Scripture is very clear, though, that we are to rush to the defense of others who are maligned or falsely accused. This has been much on my mind for several days, ever since a close relative of mine made some very derisive comments about pastors, all pastors. This person condemned all pastors as being hypocritical liars who take advantage of their congregations. The comments and attitude behind them made me angry . . . beyond angry, for I am close to some amazing, loving, sacrificial pastors who have a great and genuine love for God and for His people. I am reminded of Eph. 6, and the reality of these invisible spiritual attacks of Satan, and the pain and frustration they bring. Angry as I am, I am also broken-hearted and saddened, and called to love and pray for all the people God's put in my life, even enemies of the faith who hurl false accusations at me and my friends.

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