lunes, febrero 10, 2014

Disciplined Like Dancing Rabbit Residents

Dancing Rabbit is a community somewhere in the Midwest. They live completely off the grid, and this influences every aspect of their lives. From the time they get up, they have to get a fire started so they can take a warm shower, and they have to collect their own waste from the toilet to be used as manure, (hu-manure, they call it), the soap they use has to be biodegradable, any spray deodorant or hair spray is forbidden . . . and that is just what happens before breakfast! These people are definitely dedicated and devoted. As Christians, are we that dedicated and devoted to our beliefs? Are we willing to be uncomfortable for the sake of God's honor? One way we can show our devotion to God is by obeying Pro. 17:5 and 1 Cor. 13:6, both of which instruct Christians not to rejoice in falsehood or take delight in the troubles of others. I see this happening so clearly and so often in society; in fact, it seems that an entire TV network exists only by exploiting the sad plights of people in trouble. Are we Christians delighting in this? Are we complacent about the troubles that have befallen others, and do we laugh at the poor decisions they've made and the resulting negative consequences? Our lives are to be defined by love and compassion, and we must be known for loving what is good. I see this ungodly trend also here on the internet, where silly quarrels and arguments abound. Paul told Timothy to have nothing to do with such things, and that is true for the Christians of today. We must remember that we have better things to think about, better things to watch, better things to talk about.

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