martes, marzo 25, 2014

For Your Tuesday Evening Entertainment: A Confession

I should be getting ready for OIA (Over-Inviters Anonymous) with Persnicketta, but instead, I am lacing up my walking shoes, awaiting the 43 close friends who were available at the last minute to come over and go for a walk with me, with a delicious dinner to follow. 27 friends were either sick, studying for finals, or washing their hair. I don't think that inviting 70 friends to walk with me through the mean streets of Awesometown was too much. The more, the merrier, right? That is something we've been discussing at length at our OIA meetings; more may actually be hurtful. We had a panel discussion with an open Q & A session on the idea of more always being merrier. A big group can be fun, but a big group can also be very limiting. I know it sounds contradictory and paradoxical as there are so many potential friends in a big group, but have you ever gotten to know someone very well in a big group setting? So, while big groups do have their merits, they definitely also have downfalls. We are coming up with ideas for a new motto at OIA. Some contenders are, "The more, the more mediocre", "The more, the less", and "The more, the meaninglesser." (Some of our members are not well-educated.)

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