martes, abril 15, 2014

Bad Room Mate

For over 10 years, Mr.M and I have had a room mate. He has been loud and obnoxious at times. He yells back and forth at the neighbors. He kills birds (once, by accident.) He has been very quiet lately, and keeps mostly to himself. He's never paid rent. He never cleans up after himself, or helps out around the house at all. In fact, he seems to enjoy watching me do all the work. He sleeps in everyday, and goes to bed early every night. Against our better judgment, we became attached to this room mate. We knew he wouldn't be a permanent part of the family, but still, he and I used to walk to Starbucks and enjoy hours in the sun, we used to go kayaking together, he's always shown an interest in what I was doing. He is now on 5 medications, most of which he won't take. He hasn't been eating. Mr. M and I are doing our best to take care of him, but, as in all things, we don't know what the future holds.

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