lunes, abril 14, 2014

Umbrella Verses for my Blog

Eph. 4:29: I will not write about anything unwholesome; instead, I will make every attempt to write things that will be helpful to others, with the aim of building them up in the faith. I will pray that what I write will be beneficial and give grace to those that read.

Eph. 5:3,4: You will find on my blog no immorality, impurity or greed. I will write about nothing inappropriate, nothing obscene or gross. I will instead focus my words on magnifying our great God and the amazing things He's done for me (and you.)

Acts 17:26:
This has always been one of my favorite verses to meditate on. It speaks of how all of life-who we know, when and where we live-was carefully orchestrated by God before time. Every adventure, mishap, happy accident . . . nothing has ever been an accident. Every story or memory or person I write about is something that God intentionally put in my life for His purposes.

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