viernes, abril 04, 2014

Verbal Violence and Weapons of Words.

The Bible tells us repeatedly that God hates violence and bloodshed. Being a woman, violence (at least physical violence) is not in my nature, and it is not expected of me. Women are rarely seen fighting in barroom brawls in the movies. What women are seen doing in the movies, and all too often in real life, is fighting using emotional and verbal violence. And we're good at it. Underhanded, sneaky, giving backhanded compliments . . . women excel at that-but we shouldn't. Our speech with each other ought to be mutually beneficial, filled with kindness and seasoned with grace.

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Diana Hayes dijo...

Yes we are good at those bad things ;( Thanks for pointing them out, that even though we do not more naturally physically harm, our tounges can cut and tear deeper.