jueves, mayo 22, 2014

An Unexpected Guest

Many years ago, I was part of a jail ministry. One of the inmates with whom I interacted (he was in jail for stealing a penguin from the zoo and making him a pink jacket, and then going door to door trying to sell it) spoke endlessly of his goal to be released early due to good behavior. The other night, Mr.M and I were at a formal dinner at church, and in walked this inmate . . . except now he was an OUTmate. He just waltzed right in; actually, it was more of a Foxtrot. I tried to hurry and greet him at the door, but I was hindered in my attempt by an old hopscotch injury. So I hobbled over (he was still doing a foxtrot), and we talked for a bit and then he sat down with me and Mr.M. We all had a good time catching up, talking about walking and injuries and dancing and penguins. By the way, the penguin he stole was never sold and it was returned to the zoo unharmed.

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