sábado, mayo 10, 2014

Generations of Faithfulness

Having lost my mom several years ago, today I celebrate many things: memories of Mom, God's goodness in choosing her to bear and raise me, and ecclesiology and the handing down of truth from one generation to the next. My mom was amazing, and I often thank God for having chosen her to have me. (Anyone less patient might have gone crazy.) I was born after my parents had been married for over 20 years. 15 years prior to my birth, my mom had a miscarriage, making her think she would never be a mother. My mom never let me forget how well she related to Hannah who cried bitterly and wept to the Lord in her desire to be a mother. Upon God's giving her a son, Hannah immediately dedicated him to the service of the Lord. In like manner, my mother always considered herself to be just a trustee, the receiver of a gift she had so longed for. As a result, she held me loosely . . . as loosely as a mother can hold her beloved child that she carried for 9 months and nursed and fed and educated, etc. My mom always knew that God was my creator and that I belonged to Him. I don't know for sure that my grandma had those same ideas about my mom, but I have a feeling she did. My grandma loved children and she loved the church. Those two loves were combined when the nursery room of our little Baptist church was dedicated to her. She raised my mom in God's love, and she watched after a lot of other people's children and showed God's love to them. I didn't get to know my grandmother too well, but I can only assume from the love that my mom had for me, that my grandma was a great mom also. I hope I am also a part of the passing down of God's truth to younger women in the church. That is always a prayer of mine, and I try to model a Godly life for the women in my church in all I say and do. One thing that firms this resolve of mine to live my life as an example to edify and enlarge God's kingdom is the seminary graduation that is always on Mother's Day. It is exciting to me to see men graduate the seminary, knowing they are going to go out and be pastors and teachers and worship leaders, helping God's people understand how much He loves us, and what we must do for Him. This is a great way to celebrate my role as a Christian woman with the opportunity and privilege to help and encourage others.

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