viernes, mayo 09, 2014

Preparation Vs. Preoccupation.

Reading through several of my latest posts, it is clear that I want to be prepared well in advance for all things. I want shoes that will allow me to be prepared to cross a frozen tundra should I be kidnapped off of the busiest boulevard in the city on a Sunday morning. I so want to be prepared for the inevitable concerning Rufus that I have already written his eulogy in the superstitious thinking that if I grieve now, I won't fall apart when the inevitable happens. I am already preparing for mid-life and menopause by reading books on the subject. There is good in my plan, and there is bad. It is always good to be prepared; any boy scout can tell you that. However, I don't want my preparing to turn into worrying, and let it stop me from enjoying the good life God has for me today. I'm not stuck in a frozen tundra, I am happy to be the age I am, and Rufus is lying contentedly at my feet as I write. It sure is a blurry line, though, between preparation and preoccupation. I'd love to hear how you keep the line drawn.

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Anónimo dijo...

That is a challenge. We are told in Matt. 6:34 not to worry about tomorrow and in Phil. 3 Paul talks about forgetting what lies behind but pressing on for the prize of the upward call. I try to balance between yesterday and tomorrow through various Scripture passages and a lot of prayer. While I know transitions are ahead, I take great. comfort in knowing Who does not change.

The White Wave dijo...

Thank you.