sábado, mayo 17, 2014

Mid-Life Mission

I have found the aging process to come with many doubts and insecurities. You wonder about the way you've spent your life. Have you used your time wisely? Have you blessed others in your life? There is also the uncertainty of the future. Can you still be useful? Is there a purpose for your future? Do you have something to strive for? Discussing these deep matters with Petunia Tune today, we decided on a definite purpose for the future, something concrete that will give meaning and fulfillment to our days: we are going to visit and rate all the coffee houses in our town. We were sitting at a coffee house when we decided this. (Actually, we decided to undertake this project when we were driving up to this particular coffee house, and it looked like it was closed. We had to do some quick thinking to decide on our plan B if plan A wasn't an option, which would be to go to a coffee shop across town, and it was then that we hit on the idea to go to ALL the coffee shops in town.) As we sat outside enjoying the surface-of-the-sun temperatures, we took great pleasure in our delightful drinks, and we had the soothing company of a harmless hummingbird. (I have a certain cynicism towards all birds, but Petunia loves the things.) I cannot fault the coffee house for the presence of the ornithological guests. The outdoor amphitheater was lovely, and a special touch was the artificial grass. It was an all together positive experience, all the way up to when it was time to go; there was not a trash can in sight. We had been sitting at the top of the amphitheater, and we had to crawl all the way down the 1,836 steps just to throw away the cups. However, I did find a dime on the ground on the way down, so that made it OK. We give this coffee shop two somewhat skeptical thumbs up.

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