viernes, mayo 02, 2014

Rejoice and Give Thanks With Me.

Today is a good day. It had the potential to be disastrous, but, after being bathed in prayer, it has been a really good and productive day-and it's not even noon! On Tuesday, I went to my neurologist and she gave me a written prescription for a blood test. On Wed., our insurance changed; so I didn't know what kind of nightmare would be waiting for me at the lab where they do the blood tests. Also, we took Rufus to the vet last night, and he was given two more prescriptions! That's six (6!) prescriptions for Rufus. I was a big ball of stress last night, worrying about how to give Rufus all his pills and worrying about my own health stuff. So I prayed. And read a psalm or two. And prayed again. Then I took off my shoes and went to bed. I woke ready to tackle the day. I gave Rufus his pills. He didn't resist at all. Then I walked over to the lab. The receptionists and nurses couldn't have been more helpful. I came home, and I just had to celebrate with a mocha. I'm trying to cut down on my coffee drinks, but a morning this good definitely calls for a celebratory coffee drink . . . and a blog post giving thanks to God and extolling Him.

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Linda B. dijo...

I didn't read your blog until after I posted onto mine...what a great testimony you have to God's faithfulness and LOVE! So glad and thankful you were given a new monument to polish. =) XO and a hug to sweet Rufus,too! (I don't do dog kisses...)

The White Wave dijo...

He likes hugs just as well!