lunes, mayo 05, 2014

Adventures in the Parking Lot

What is it that divides us as a people in parking lots? Especially on Sundays? I've heard it said that people don't think God can see through the roof of their car. A few weeks ago, Mr. M and I got to church at the crack of dawn to help set up sound and music for our Sunday school. Some other guys came, to run cables and run the soundboard, and the band came to help us and to rehearse. None of us had had a chance to eat, so after everything was set up, we packed ourselves into as few cars as possible and went out for a bite. After we backed out of the space, we put a cone in it so we'd have a place to park when we got back. This was a privilege suggested to us by the Facilities Dept., knowing that it's part of our job. So out we went and got some nourishment, and when we drove back into the parking lot, we caught someone-I'll call her the Parking Lot Bandit-stealing our cone. We caught her in the act, red-handed. Mr. M gently tapped on her window and said that that spot was reserved for us, the sound team. The Bandit looked rightly embarrassed. I'd say her face was as red as her hands.

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