martes, mayo 06, 2014

38 Special

I just started reading I'm Too Young to be This Old! by Patricia Smith. It is so far funny, and so nice to know I am not alone in getting older. The book's subtitle is Surviving and Thriving in the Muddled Middle Years. I am no genius, but unless I live to be 100, which is both unlikely and undesirable, I am most likely middle age now. Working with college kids puts me in a weird time vortex. I think that Mr. M and I are considered Senior Staff, but we are among the youngest Senior Staff. To the new staff, though, the recent college grads, we are ancient. Yesterday, I was looking at a book by Elyse Fitzpatrick, something about the afternoon of life. (I realize this all may be a bit premature, but I like to be prepared.) At the end of one chapter is the question, "What are some of the joys of being your age?" This question alone prompted me to buy the book. I've thought about it, and I will think about it more, and probably write a series of blog posts about it.

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