lunes, junio 16, 2014

Considering Recycled Conversations: a post on true spiritual fellowship

I went out for coffee with Petunia Tune this weekend. We enjoyed some great and stimulating conversation. Much of what we talked about were things I had already talked about with Persnicketta, and also with Jen (which isn't a pseudonym-she's just my friend Jen.) These were recycled conversation subjects, but with each repetition of my thoughts and my responses to my friends' questions, my speech was refined and my thoughts were consolidated. I suppose you could say they were shepherded, herded, gathered together. In conversing with friends and repeating conversations, my friends help me to edit myself and present my thoughts in a more concise and clear way.

As I speak, I am awaiting the arrival of two friends from the desert, Amy and Linda, (also not pseudonyms), and we are going to go to lunch and also discuss an article that we have all read. Hebrews 10 says that we must consider our fellowship; true, edifying, Godly fellowship doesn't just happen-it takes some forethought-not always reading an article and coming ready to discuss it, but having given some consideration to what you will say and ask. Maybe just quickly reviewing in your mind anything of spiritual benefit that you've been learning or a particular Bible passage that has been on your mind (or if you're a type A personality you could leaf through your journal or look at your blog). Also you want to consider your friend-what particular issues is she dealing with in her life that you can ask about and be praying about?

I honestly love talking to other people and asking insightful questions, and I am totally invigorated by stimulating conversation. I love walking away from a conversation with more to think about than I had when I began the conversation. Having said that, though, I don't want to talk and question just for intellectual purposes; I want to edify and encourage my friends, and help them think Biblically about the world and about their lives, even as I am challenged to do the same.

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