domingo, junio 22, 2014

Music, Books, Color, and a Game Night at 8 AM

It is not my habit to write on Sundays, but I'm making an exception today because it was a very exciting day. While Mr.M was rehearsing with the band before evening service, I walked across the street and bought two used books: one is a compilation of humorous stories from The Saturday Evening Post, and the other book is a huge, intimidating and super-scholarly-looking Miriam Webster Thesaurus. The new bright yellow book with the bold and bright red lettering is sitting on my desk next to my royal blue, intimidating and super-scholarly-looking Concise Oxford American Dictionary. Just because I like using metaphors and making analogies, I will liken my scholarly-looking books to t-shirts with Christian slogans. Having these fancy, scholarly books doesn't make one a writer any more than wearing a Christian t-shirt makes one a Christian. On the other hand, having the scholarly books doesn't mean that I'm not a writer, just as wearing a Christian t-shirt doesn't make me (or you) not a Christian. I am a writer, and I would be a writer even if I had no fancy books that seem writerly and academic . . . however, I do have books. I do not have Christian t-shirts. I think you get my point. A writer may or may not have reference books. A person with fancy, writerly looking, academic, super-scholarly books may not be a writer. A Christian may or may not have Christian t-shirts. A Christian may or may not have writers' reference books, and a writer may or may not have Christian t-shirts. I hope that is clear. I want my words and actions to show my faith, not my clothing. I also want my blog to show that I am a writer, and not my writers' reference books. To sum it up, I am a writer and I am a Christian. I have writers' reference books, but I do not have Christian t-shirts. Let's be clear on that much.

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