domingo, junio 08, 2014

Someone Whose Heart is With You

I've been trying to live out Proverbs 23:6&7, which says not to eat at the home of a stingy man, for while he is acting generous and kind, he is really taking stock of how much you are eating and calculating what it is costing him. The end of the verse says " . . . but his heart is not with you." This is just as true with time. I've found that I don't enjoy time spent with people whose hearts are not with me. It's no fun going out with someone who goes on and on about their busy schedule or checks their watch every few minutes. While we all have to choose how we invest our money, we also need to put in an equal amount of time choosing how to invest our limited time, and for me, I've chosen to invest quality free time with friends who enjoy my company.

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