domingo, junio 29, 2014

The New Narcissism

Who am I? It seems like the ultimate goal of every person is to identify themselves to every other person . . . mostly strangers. I see this most often on car windows, I can see the car owner's marital status, plus how many kids they have and the gender and hobbies of the kids, plus how many pets they have, and what species. I often see bumper stickers identifying one as democrat or republican, pro-life or pro-choice, and a whole host of other beliefs. I also see this in jewelry, most notably in the wedding ring or in a purity ring or in a ring or necklace that identifies the number of children and the month in which they were born. I would be very hypocritical to say this is wrong, for I wear a wedding ring, plus a necklace that clearly identifies me as a sister, and another necklace that identifies me as a lover of letters. This is less of an informative post, and more of an observation. Maybe you will be inspired to guess someone's beliefs and major identifiers based on their cars or jewelry.

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