jueves, julio 03, 2014

Weirdness and Ridiculousness

I went to meet a friend at Starbucks today. Shocker, I know. I walked home, and there was something on my porch. It was someone's car key, not mine, not Mr.M's. I went to the neighbors to see if they could solve the mystery . . . no dice. I called Mr.M, and he saw nothing odd in the sitchiashon. That's because he had made arrangements with a girl from our Bible study, who had accidentally taken her friend's key, to leave the key on our front porch where her friend could get the key while she (the original she) continued her road trip northward. Mystery solved. Ridiculous, yes; mysterious, no.

Mr.M soon came home from work, determined to learn to fly his remote control helicopter. (A quad-copter, for those interested.) We both sat on the front porch while he attempted flight. Once flight was achieved, the quad-copter decided at once to fly into a rose bush, and make a spectacular crash in which one of the blades flew off, along with the tiny screw that holds it on. The blade, which looks almost exactly like a plastic knife you'd get at a fast food joint, was easy to spot in the thick and deep grass; the tiny screw, not so much. In the heat of the day, Mr.M and I were on our hands and knees scrutinizing and fingering the grass to find the screw. Nebuchadnezzar came to mind. We didn't find the screw . . . yet. We are taking a short break before we resume our search and rescue mission. It isn't easy, searching for that needle in the haystack. We now know a lot about our grass. It must have been a sight, an otherwise normal looking couple crawling around on the grass. Having lost more than a few retainers in my youth, you'd think I'd be better at this sort of thing.

Nothing happens on accident. While I was on all 4s on the grass, I was reminded that I have been recently asking God to help me cultivate patience. This was an opportunity that I never could have imagined to put my patience to the test. Waiting in line at the bank, yes. My computer crashing AGAIN, yes. Loosing a tiny screw in a big patch of grass, no. This particular incident also coincides nicely-divinely-with the book I am currently reading, The God of the Mundane. If being patient while helping your husband find a tiny screw in the grass isn't mundane, I don't know what is.

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