viernes, julio 04, 2014

Roommate For a Day

Having gone straight from being a girl living with her parents to being a girl living with her husband, I've always wondered what it would be like living with (non-related) roommates. Several of my closest friends are single and living in houses or apartments with other single girls. Sitting here in my living room, I am getting just a taste of what life might be like for many. As I sit here, a friend of mine is sitting in the kitchen, studying. She will go with Mr.M and I to the fireworks show this evening, but for now, she is studying . . . and Mr.M is making pizza . . . and I am writing. We're all doing our own thing, just like in Sesame Street.

The fireworks have come and gone. Mr.M and I walked back to our house with our friend. The streets in the area are still pretty crazy, so my friend has resumed her studying and Mr.M has gone to work on his computer, and I am in my office writing. I don't think I like this whole roommate business. It's been good for a day, though.

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