lunes, julio 28, 2014

Clean and Fun Summer Reading

The best way to make an informed decision on anything is to choose from a wide array of samples.  This is why I've chosen to read anthologies of many writers and read more from the writers I enjoy most.  Carnival of Humor, a collection of humorous essays and cartoons from The Saturday Evening Post has been a great resource for me.  The writings don't rely on shock value to get the readers' interest.  I am disheartened by most of the current best sellers, which all seem to use shock and immorality to sell books.  To me, this is like cursing like a sailor to make a point, all because you lack the adequate vocabulary to accurately convey your thoughts.  It seems needless.  Anyhow, the author I have most recently discovered is Booth Tarkington, who writes about a little boy growing up in Indiana, who gets into all the mischief so common to little boys.  The stories are both clean and humorous.

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