viernes, julio 25, 2014

Spicy Sauce From the MidWest

As Mr. M and I finished our patio dinner outside the mall, I saw our friend, Spicy Sauce, walk by.  I am always glad to unexpectedly run into a friend, but I was especially glad to see Miss Sauce, since she moved out of state years ago.  Spicy was in town for her sister's wedding shower.  One thing I have always appreciated about Spicy is the calm she exudes.  Spending time with her reminds you how peaceful and quiet life can be.  I wouldn't be surprised if spending time with Spicy actually lowers your blood pressure.  I hope I am a friend like that-one who brings a simple and calm joy into my friends' lives, and not one who gives off a frantic or frenetic vibe.  What kind of friend are you?  Are you like a breath of fresh air, a sigh of relief, to your friends?

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