viernes, julio 18, 2014

Leave The Worms Alone

Today is a day of avoidance, or to put it positively, a day of  living in the present.  I have had both good and bad times in the past.  God has used both to teach me lessons.  I'm not sure that the past should be dug up, though.  I found an old friend, a fellow stealer of lace, yesterday on LaceCrook.  I learned a lot in those dark days of stealing lace, and I've grown and moved past those crime-ridden days.  I don't know that there's any benefit in seeking out my old partner in crime.  I feel like that may be just opening a can of worms, a can that was buried long ago.  In avoiding LaceCrook for the next few days, I am letting the worms that may have escaped crawl happily and quietly back into their can, or, better yet, back into their comfortable areas of grass and dirt where they were living happily and contentedly.  Maybe the past was a gift, but was meant to stay in the past.  I'm not sure there is any benefit to unearthing what has been long buried, or to opening a can that has been sealed for years.

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