miércoles, julio 16, 2014

Many Hues of Light and Varieties of Salt

Returning to the theme of being salt and light, I want to highlight the many forms of both.  I was reading this morning of the huge controversy surrounding a guy's profile picture.  In the picture, he is sitting on his porch enjoying some brandy, and the tattoo on his forearm is clear.  O the hullaballoo this caused!  From the comments, it appears that the number of patients in America's emergency rooms may have seen a sudden and unexplained hike . . . because the guy sitting on his porch drinking some brandy while sporting a tattoo is a Christian.  I don't drink, and I don't have any tattoos.  I am a clean-cut looking American, and so are most of my friends.  I emit my own hue of light, and my own variety of salt--table salt.  That guy, though, also has light.  His light is a different hue, and will attract different people, and his salt is also of a different variety--maybe Himalayan.  That is good.  All people need to be exposed to salt and light, and if someone doesn't like mine, maybe they will like his; and vice-versa.  Within Christianity, we must accept and embrace differences.

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