viernes, agosto 15, 2014

Being Too Salty

I've written a lot about being salt and light in the world; that's because Jesus calls His followers to that, so we know it's important.  We've all had dull, unflavorful food . . . food that needs salt.  But have you ever had food that was just too salty?  All you can taste is the salt, and it is sickening.  I know, and I bet you do, too, Christians who are like that.  Maybe it is someone who refuses to enjoy a lazy afternoon in the sun because it is just that . . . lazy, which the Bible calls sin.  This person denies herself one leisurely afternoon because she thinks it is sinfully unproductive to indulge in some rest and relaxation when she could be at home grinding flour.  I once knew a lady who believed it was wrong for a Christian to go to the beach except for the purpose of evangelization.  Now, it is wrong for a Christian who has a real problem with lust to go to the beach and indulge in sin, but for the vast majority of Christians who can enjoy being at the beach and listening to the waves, there is nothing wrong with going to the beach.  That lady who thought it was wrong for all Christians was way too salty.  Who would want to spend time with her?  How can she be salt at all if she refuses to enjoy any of the pleasures of this world?  We want, and must be salt in this world.  We cannot let ourselves become dull or complacent, but neither can we let ourselves become too salty or obsessive.  Our high calling as Christians is moderation.

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