miércoles, agosto 06, 2014

Church Youth Groups and Family Worship

Last night, Mr. M and I watched a documentary on the movement in many churches away from youth groups and toward family worship.  The theory is excellent!  The idea is that parents teach and disciple their children, so there is no need for a special group just for the youth.  That is ideal; unfortunately, we live in a fallen world, a world of broken homes and unbelieving parents.  Hearing the anti-youth group pastors, it became obvious to me that they make a lot of assumptions; they all assumed that every believing youth has believing parents.  Maybe I am alone in this, but I don't think so.  I believed in Jesus, and my parents didn't.  (My mom did, but she didn't see the necessity of teaching me Christian doctrine.)  So where does that leave me?  It would have been great-wonderful!-if my parents had believed and discipled me, but they didn't.  The youth workers discipled me, and taught me so much of what I know of theology and practical Christian living.  What does that mean for me??  It confirms to me the need to have mature Christians in youth ministry, and it gives me a sense of the importance of working with, and discipling, the youth at my church.

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