martes, agosto 05, 2014

Decorating a Home, Decorating a Life

When Mr.M and I moved into our home, we had some decisions to make.  What would be our decorating theme?  The good Mr.M is a huge gadget guy (both in terms that he is a huge fan of all gadgets, and he is particularly fond of huge gadgets.)  So, our home has a very futuristic element, with huge, shiny electronics hanging from the ceiling and sticking out of the walls, and blinking lights in different shapes and colors everywhere.  I like a more country/cowboy/prairie touch.  I also like a little bit of a nautical theme, so I threw that in, too.  Then there is my office, which doubles as a gym room.  It has walls of bright yellow and orange with some purple trim, and a huge, bright green writing desk.  Our home is eclectic, to say the least.  Our friends are eclectic, too.  We have gregarious friends and quiet friends: extroverted introverts as well as introverted extroverts: poets and lawyers:  actors and accountants:  musicians and scientists: scary-looking and straight-laced . . . you get the idea.  In many ways, the friends who fill our lives, like the decor that fills our home, reflect and define us, so having a wide variety of friends makes us more interesting people.

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