lunes, agosto 11, 2014

Dear Wheatengluten

It has been almost 20 years since Wheatengluten (an affectionate nickname) and I were at the height, the epitome, the apex, the zenith of our friendship.  I was prompted by nostalgia to read some of her letters to me today, and they were nice . . . very nice; but our friendship is in the past.  As much as I like to analyze and reanalyze things (a definite weakness), the truth is that it was what it was . . . and now even what it was is no more.  I have written recently-it was in a poem, which I removed from my blog so I could instead publish it in a book of collected poems (which will be available in October)-about letting the past stay in the past.  Easier said than done.  God used Wheatengluten to teach me a lot, and He continues to teach me things through the deep friendship we shared so long ago.  I'm sorry to tell you I have no more profound truth to share than to once again encourage you to live in the present.  Learn from your past, pray for your future, and enjoy your life in the present.  (That includes you, dear Wheatengluten.)

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