miércoles, septiembre 17, 2014

Things Christians Like

That, I think, is the name of a book that pokes fun at some of the admittedly cheesy things Christians like.  However, some of the things we (and others) like, we like for very good reason.  I think of musical instruments; I think of pianos.  Specifically, I think of my dark wood, upright piano.  I have only lived for several months without the piano in my home.  It was in my parents' home when I was born, and like many children, I took lessons.  My mom sat by me for many hours each week while I practiced.  The piano had been a gift from my dad to my mom on their 15th wedding anniversary.  My dad tells me the funny story of getting some of his buddies to lug the thing down a flight of stairs after buying it from a neighbor upstairs.  It had been all my mom had talked about for years, so he was excited to surprise her.  Turns out, he was the one who was surprised, when my mom completely lost interest in her beautiful new piano after just a few months.  When I got married, my mom gave the piano to me.  I played occasionally (mostly at Christmas, to feel homy), and many years later, I took lessons.  Our piano is used mainly by friends who know how to play, and want to practice.
     While it is not just Christians who recognize the many advantages of playing an instrument, Christianity has a rich tradition of beautiful hymns and compositions.  Our music reminds us of our history, and provides us with a link to the faithful men and women who played those same songs centuries ago.  Our music, to us, is so much more than self-discipline, mathematical precision, and hand-eye coordination; it is also a reminder of our spiritual history, and a way to worship.

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