martes, septiembre 09, 2014

Titus 2 Tuesday

In my reading of Luke 8 today, the parable of the sower, I noticed that the second soil where the seed-representing the Gospel-came up, but withered because it had no moisture.  It had no root, and fell away in a time of testing.  This tells me how important it is to have continued teaching and encouragement for new believers.  This is discipleship.  We must continually teach and encourage each other to resist temptation so that we do not, like that plant, fall away in a time of testing.  It is a great and good thing to share the Gospel, but it is just as important to follow up with new believers, teaching them to obey Christ and to live for Him always, whether at work or play, when they are surrounded by Christians and when they are not.                                                           

I am going to Minnesota tomorrow to visit two friends.  One of these friends, SweetBriar, I met at my church's Titus 2 meeting in 1998.  The other friend, DiscoBall, I met at a Titus 2 meeting in 2012.  I love the relationships Titus 2 has brought into my life.  I met my friend, SweetiePie, at a 2011 Titus 2, and I met Shaniquah at a 2010 Titus 2.  If your church has a similar get-together for women of all ages, I cannot encourage you strongly enough to go.

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