lunes, septiembre 08, 2014

Too Much Stuff!

Mr. M and I have planned a short vacation to see some far-away friends (SweetBriar, DiscoBall, and Sister of Spicy Sauce.)  I am most looking forward to the fact that the time we spend with these friends will be undistracted.  There will be no blogging, not cell phone usage, just living in the present and enjoying the company.  There will be coffee dates, having big family-style dinners, and spending time on the lake.  I think we are at a national low for appreciating our friends.  It seems that we have all become experts at undervaluing the good things in our lives.  We can no longer take the time to savor a good conversation we just had with a friend; we need to check our various social media accounts.  I don't know about you, but I need a break.  I need a refuge.  Do you remember the cities of refuge in the Old Testament?  They were special cities where a murderer could go and be safe.  I dream of a city of refuge-not refuge from the law or vengeance-seeking family-but refuge from social media. It would be a magical land where you could go to dinner with a group of friends and all talk and look each other in the eye.  You could pour your heart out to a trusted friend who would listen without being interrupted by a text.  This is where I want to live . . . and the thing is, I did live there for a while and then POOF!, it vanished just like that.  I miss those days of true relationships and uninterrupted conversations.  To me, social media almost always is a manifestation of discontentment.  Why does your friend have to check all her gismos and gadgets when you're trying to talk to her?  Is it because she's bored with you and wants to see where she could be instead?  You'll never know, but you'll always wonder, and you'll always question the friendship and the loyalty.  I can't wait to spend time with good friends, in real conversation, not needing to document the time together to appreciate it.  I can't wait to enjoy my time for ME, and not just to enjoy my time for my social media network, to show them that I'm cool and popular and do fun things.

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