miércoles, octubre 08, 2014

Communion of the Saints

As Christians, we all share the same faith in the same God.  My God is the same as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Christianity transcends time.  Christianity also transcends space.  God tells John in Revelation that there will be redeemed people from every race, tribe and tongue in Heaven.  Obviously, Christians of previous generations are included in this communion-the community of the dead.  I am greatly enjoying reading the biography of Sarah Edwards, wife of the colonial preacher, Johnathan Edwards.  Although lifestyles change, the human condition does not.  Sarah had, like me, a marriage to maintain, she had a house, and, like me, she lived in a community that consisted of both like-minded believers, apathetic, agnostic and atheist people, and even some who were violently hostile to her faith.  This is also the case with Christians across the globe.  We all, despite the time or place in which we live, share the same joys and sorrows.  We must be careful to never discount what we can learn from Christians who've lived in a different time, nor those Christians who live in a very different place and culture.

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