lunes, octubre 06, 2014

Taking Time and Smelling the Roses

Mr. M and I just got back from a Bible Study retreat.  I am now warm and cozy inside, glad for shelter from the cold wind outside.  Part of me wants to check my social media outlets for updates on things that really don't concern me, and part of me just wants to sit here in silence and enjoy the warmth in this home that God has given me.  We all talk about life being so fast-paced and frenetic, and I wonder how much of that is self-inflicted.  After a leisurely lunch with friends, do we really need to go home and see what other people did for lunch?  Do we want to see the fun that we missed by going with these friends instead of those friends just so that we can wallow in pity and sorrow for what might have been?  Are we becoming incapable of enjoying life for what it is, regardless of how it compares to others' lives?  Are we incapable of enjoying something good just because there was something better happening across town?  I often think we are all over-stimulated; we think we need to know everything, and know it now.  I'm choosing to enjoy my silent and warm home for now (when I originally wrote this in my journal), savoring the memories of my nice lunch and my nice friends.

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