miércoles, noviembre 05, 2014

39, Between Two Worlds

Mr. M, who will henceforth be known as Device Guy, took me out to celebrate my 39th birthday.  I have been 39 for just under a week now, and I have one thing to say:  it is weird.  I'm right in the middle of young and old.  Did I look more like I belonged at the old-fashioned family diner that looks like a relic of the 80s, or did I fit in at the hip and cool coffee shop that could be hipster headquarters?  Device Guy and I pondered this question.  Both places were fun.  We both enjoyed the lounge-type atmosphere of the dinner place, and we enjoyed hearing the conversation of the two older Italian men (both construction workers) sitting behind us.  We didn't feel cool or hip or young or bearded enough to be at the coffee shop.  That was a treat, but we will probably never feel at home at a place like that.  All said, it was a superb evening stepping into the past, and then seeing how the cool kids live on a Wednesday night.

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