viernes, noviembre 21, 2014

It's Who You Know.

I've been reading memoirs of notable people, and they were all influenced by other people before they were famous.  Now, I am not famous, nor do I aspire to be, but I have been influenced by others, many others, notably Herman Ooticks.  Herman and I went to the same church and the same high school.  He was really good at making people laugh, and he had fun doing it.  He wasn't afraid in the least to make a fool of himself to get a few laughs.  He encouraged me to do the same.  I have done some really silly things (and I continue to do silly things) just to make people laugh.  Like I said, I started doing silly, attention-grabbing things at the encouragement of Herman, and I loved it!  I made a fool of myself at home, at school, at church, anywhere I could get an audience.  I am still up for almost anything if it will make someone laugh.  (Hence the Bigfoot YouTube channel.)  I thank God for everyone He's put in my life for any length of time.  It's the people around us who make us who we are.

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