lunes, noviembre 24, 2014

Chocolate: A Story of Love and Loss

I decided to give up chocolate a month ago, and I decided that, painful as it would be, I needed to just get rid of all the chocolate in my house.  It was a big and hard decision, so I set a date to throw out the chocolate, the night before the trash truck would come to haul it away and out of sight, so there would be no reminders of it.  I wanted it to be like ripping off a Band-Aid.  I was going to clean out all my drawers on Sunday night, and I was mentally and emotionally prepared.  Device Guy and I went to dinner Saturday night, and came home to find our house ransacked; someone had broken in and burgled our home.  We had been having a grand old time out on the town, no idea that someone had planned to break into our home and had executed their plan while we were out dining and painting the town red.  Taking inventory of what was left and what was gone, we found something very odd:  the only thing missing was the chocolate.  The thieves had only taken the chocolate.  Those burglars had actually done me a favor without knowing it.  Perhaps I should thank them.

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Nicole dijo...

This is a joke right?