jueves, diciembre 25, 2014

Christmas Reading

The day before Christmas,
I bought a book.
I'll spend Christmas reading,
and Device Guy will cook.

This book is full
of things I need to hear;
things I can learn now
to ward off fear.

This is no tale
about Santa Clause.
My factual book
is about menopause.

King Solomon
has much to say,
about how learning the facts
keeps fears at bay.

It's smart to stay informed
and be prepared.
That way you'll see
there's no need to be scared.

Today we celebrate
the birth of Christ,
and how He allows
a new way of life.

Part of life in Him
is being smart
about what's to come,
and preparing your heart.

I say, then,
to one and to all,
be ready for changes,
both big and small. 

Enjoy this day
with family and friends,
and don't you worry
about what the future sends.

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