lunes, diciembre 29, 2014

Skydiving Adventure

For Christmas, Device Guy got me a certificate to go skydiving.  I've never been skydiving.  I am not, by nature, a risk-taker.  I am no adrenaline junkie; in fact, I'd be very happy to avoid the stuff altogether.  I like to study all the possible outcomes of something before I try it.  I'm the roller coaster rider that studies all the restrictions listed before getting on the ride.  I am, by nature and nurture, very cautious.  I, fortunately, know several people who have skydiven . . . skydove  . . . let's just say jumped out of a plane, and lived.  That makes me feel a lot better, but there is a way to feel even better about it;   I can be proactive.  I can talk with the pilot, schedule several meetings with him and check his logbooks, etc.  I can check and reinforce all my parachute seams.  I can exercise regularly,  maintain a healthy weight, stay well hydrated, avoid stimulants and strengthen my relational ties to those closest to me.  I can thoroughly study the in-air feelings and physical sensations that are most likely.  I can also study the area where I plan to land, and take soil samples.  Landing doesn't worry me, though.  In fact, I think landing will be my favorite part of the whole experience.  Getting in the plane, taking off and gaining altitude doesn't worry me, either.  It is the falling through the air that concerns me.  All the aforementioned preparations will go far in helping me to stay calm, cool, and collected.  I know this dive is in my future, but I can make my experience so much better by preparing my body, mind and heart for it. 

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Linda B. dijo...

This is one adventure I will NEVER partake in!! If you do this...I will be SO impressed. Out at Lake Elsinore, (and I am sure in other So Cal locations) there is this place where you can go into this giant tall wind tunnel that blows you up off the floor to simulate what it's like to free-fall. That might be another way you could prep for this.

The White Wave dijo...

Linda, you already HAVE partaken in this adventure. It's an allegory-not literal skydiving.