jueves, enero 01, 2015

Skydiving, Continued.

I have been reading all about skydiving for a week now.  There is so much that can go wrong; I had no idea!  I have been in daily contact with the pilot (the airport gave me his schedule and cell phone number, so I call him after every flight), and I have been triple-stitching my parachute with fishing line.  In all honesty, all these preparations scare me; I have lost many hours of sleep thinking about all the risks and possibilities.  Still, I am convinced that the knowledge I am gaining will help me keep cool, calm and collected (not to mention safe.)  Plus, the fact that hundreds of people have successfully . . . jumped out of a plane, gives me much reassurance that I will not die.  Besides God's promises to be with me always and to protect me, I take great comfort in the fact that my mom and all of my friends' moms have jumped out of a plane and lived to tell about it.  They weren't even prepared, didn't even know what was coming, and they were no worse for the wear.  Their skydiving experiences went swimmingly, but I still prefer to stay one (or two) steps ahead of the game, so I will continue reading and calling and sewing.

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