lunes, enero 05, 2015

Party Planning from Proverbs.

While I was reading Proverbs 9 one day, I noticed that it tells the stories of two women throwing parties.  One woman is called Wisdom; the other, Folly.  Their parties had some similarities:  the invited guests were all simpletons who lacked judgment, and both women invited their guests by yelling from the highest point in the city.  I looked for differences; there were several.  Wisdom had prepared for her party.  Before she invited anyone, she had hewn out pillars, prepared the meat and mixed the wine.  She set her table and sent out her maids before inviting anyone.  Folly did no such thing.  She just woke up and started yelling out invitations from her door. 
I love the practical advice found in Pro.  In this instance, we see the wisdom in making preparations for any upcoming event, be it a party or a skydive.  We also see that wise people are to share their wisdom.  Folly is content to let simpletons keep to their simple ways, but Wisdom encourages simpletons to leave their simple ways and walk in the way of understanding.  Folly sees a need and ignores it, even encourages it, where Wisdom is a guide and teacher, seeking to improve the lives in her community.  Folly is content with the sad status quo of mediocrity, where Wisdom wants to instill knowledge and understanding that will benefit her neighbors.  I aim this year to prepare for any upcoming (and even unforeseen) future events, and to share any knowledge I have that may prove beneficial to others.

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