miércoles, enero 07, 2015

Spice It Up in 2015!

I've always enjoyed the outdoors.  I love to explore, and I love to move my body and get my blood flowing; so it's no surprise that I love to walk-in fact, a lot of people probably don't think I own a car, I use it so infrequently.  My trips to the grocery store, the clothing store, the book store, the coffee shop, are all on foot.  I walk to do chores, and I walk for fun.  I find it worth the time and money to invest in some really good walking shoes.  I bought my fancy orange walking shoes in a great walking city, San Francisco.  They are made for the city.  They love the concrete jungle.  They are, like me, soft city slickers.  There is nothing rough or hardy about them.  Unlike my orange shoes, though, I can leave the city (for a while) and go spend time in the wild outdoors.  I recently bought a pair of good hiking shoes made for the trails.  I want to spice things up a bit in 2015 by leaving the city behind and heading for the mountains and forests.  I've already been on 2 hikes in 2015, so at this rate, I can go for 104 hikes this year.  (Are you impressed by my math skills, Persnicketta?  And I did it all in my head-didn't even use pencil or paper.)  I have some friends and family who will be happy to go on city walks with me, and a number of friends are enthusiastic hikers.  So far, I've really enjoyed both my city walks and my hikes this year-and the added bonuses they bring of exercise, mental clarity, enjoying God's creation, and good time spent with friends.

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